ClamXav downgrade to free version 2.7.5 – download link

ClamXav is a nice antivirus program that saves resources and runs on Mac OSX. After upgrading to version 2.8.1 it asks you to pay for it which is totally ok, since it is a good piece of software that has been available freely for 10 years now.

But if you are convinced with the next older version, you can still download it from the official site here:

Official download

PS: If you already installed the newer version, you should execute the engine remover script before installing.


Solved: backuppc aborts backup because of tar messages on linux with non english locale

You can find lots of posts in the internet concerning a problem where backups abort because of the following message

/usr/local/bin/tar: ./home/remote/.profile: file is unchanged; not dumped

which is actually not an error. This problem has been fixed somewhere in 2006. But I was still experiencing the problem, with a little difference: the error message was in German. It turns out, that the fix from 2006 does only ignore english messages.

You can easily get rid of the problem by editing your Xfer config:

In TarCliendCmd and TarClientRestoreCmd replace

/usr/bin/sudo /var/backups/ -c -v -f – -C $shareName –totals


/usr/bin/sudo LANG=C /var/backups/ -c -v -f – -C $shareName –totals

this executes the command with english locale and your backup works again.