Use Kodak 5250 (5200 series) via Wireless on a Mac even though Kodak says its impossible..

When I bought my new Kodak 5250 AiO printer I expected that it would work only via USB cable since its written on the package that printing with a “PC/MAC” is only possible via USB cable (which is not included) 😉

After logging the printer in to my Wireless network (which was pretty easy through the internal display) my Mac found it but failed to install a driver since it could not find any. OK, next I tried to install the Software from the CD from the package (with no USB cable connected of course) at the end it gave me the choice between “USB” and “share printer with another mac”. I selected the last one.

But the printer utility could not find any printers (“connection failed”). OK back to the Mac OS native printer setup. This time it found a driver, but said the driver was incomplete. I ignored the message and proceeded.

After this the Kodak printer utility was able find the printer! It even did a successful firmware update via Wireless (I was happy when it finished though..). Also the scanner was working properly. I did a scan using the Mac’s native utility.


The new Kodak-Software from the Internet now recommends exactly what I did when you click on the newly added radiobutton “Wireless”..

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