Lubuntu: Dropbox or any other application opens folder in web browser – Solution

Just to share my solution: If you are using the Lubuntu desktop (Light Ubuntu) and Dropbox, you may experience that your Dropbox folder opens in the web browser when clicking on the Dropbox tray icon.
To fix this, you must set PCMan to be the default handler for opening folders.
To do so, open a terminal window (LXterminal) and execute the following command:

xdg-mime default pcmanfm.desktop application/x-directory

Remember: You must not execute this as root!

Good luck and happy Linuxing 😉

4 thoughts on “Lubuntu: Dropbox or any other application opens folder in web browser – Solution

  1. gtcodave writes:that's good to know. i'm likely to stick to 11.04 until 12.04 tbh. otherwise i might retreat back to debian. i love that Ubuntu crew are rolling out the changes so fast for us all to have the latest and greatest. but in the same respect i find i'm spending so much time distracted from my productivity. unity wouldn't help haha.

  2. If your system is running well it really makes no sense to upgrade too soon. In the sense "never touch an running system" 😉 I am testing it in a VitualBox to see what has changed. Although Unity is now the standard and Gnome is not preinstalled anymore, its still quite easy to get back to the classic gnome desktop with 10.10. Maybe I write a blog on that. :coffee:

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