[Update – Dec 2018]

This blog started in February 2007. This was a time when smart phones were far away. Apple introduced its legendary iPhone in June 2007 in the US and it took some time for it to come the broader public. Android was still far away, Google introduced the so called “Google phone” in September 2008 and at that time almost nobody took notice of it. So a “mobile blog” was something new. It started when I bought a Sony Ericsson C702. This was a classic “feature phone” which had a camera with incredible 3,2 megapixels. For my posts I used the Opera browser, which was provided as a Java JME app which had to be side loaded via a USB connection (there was no app store!). Internet was extremely slow (it took several minutes to post a photo). At that time the opera community was quite vital and I got comments all from over the world since there where not so many “photo bloggers”. Later I transferred the page to WordPress since Opera closed its service.

Sony C702 feature phone. Photo credit: Sony corporation


[Original introduction from 2007]

This is a mobile blog – written or photographed mostly with a mobile phone. I hope you enjoy my selection. I feel free to add some hints or how to’s on topics like mac computers, daily news, Internet life or what else could be interesting to my readers.

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